About Us

At Ecom Corporation (www.ecom.do) we have a vision of connecting people and products like never before. We serve those that live in places where technology is not friendly for them, places where Credit Card is not available to purchase or delivery is not available in a traditional way.

Today the vast universe of the Internet make available billions of products and services, but only those with Credit Card, PayPal or leaving in a country where delivery is possible can take advantage of those products and services.  But not with us, if you have no Credit Card, no problem, we can buy with ours, if you have live in a country where delivery is not possible we deliver for you, if you speak Spanish, or site translates for you.

As a President and founder of Ecom Corporation, I am proud of our site and our service.. thinking of you first, and remember our quote, ‘Quality with us does not cost you more! ’

Ing. Franklin Suazo
Ecom Corporation
Tel.: 305-600-3131

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